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Think Like Chanakya Invest Like Graham & Warren Buffett


In this value investing book authors provide timeless insights on important stock market investing lessons from Niti Shastra of Chanakya and have combined them with value investing principles of Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett to teach investors how to make real money from investing in stock market.

Book will help an average retail investor to become intelligent investor.

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Rs. 250

    Some key concepts and important lessons explained in the book include –

    •Importance of Savings
    •Always Keeping Sufficient Cash for Golden Opportunities
    •Margin of Safety
    •Investing only within Circle of Competence
    •Never Follow the Crowd
    •Avoid Human Emotions of Greed and Fear and Invest based on Rational Thinking
    •Patience is the Key
    •Always Invest in Companies having good Economic Moat, high level of Corporate Governance, Strong Financial Numbers, etc
    •Never Invest in Fraudulent Companies
    Difference between Price and Value in case of Investing
    •Risk Management
    •various other important lessons…

    The book also contains few important lessons provided by Warren Buffett & Charlie Munger during Berkshire Hathaway's Annual Shareholders Meeting.

    Author Ankit Gala, Khushboo Gala
    Publisher Buzzingstock Publishing House
    Publication Year 2020
    Language English
    Binding Paperback
    Pages 192

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