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A Simplified Approach to Option Strategies (English) by Ankit Gala & Jitendra Gala


A Simplified Approach to Option Strategies is an ideal book for all those who wish to trade in Options (Call and Puts).

Options form an important class of derivatives ... This book covers with Examples various option trading strategies such as straddle, strangle, butterfly, collar etc. which can help you to make money in bullish, bearish, sideways or even volatile market.

More details

    • Introduction to Securities Market
    • Introduction to Derivatives Market
    • Introduction to Futures
    • Introduction to Options
    • Pricing of Options
    • Using Index Options
    • Using Stock Options
    • Open Strategies
    • Open Interest
    • Margins - Clearing and Settlement in F & O
    • Corporate Adjustments
    • Regulatory Framework
    • Option Contract Specification
    • Sources of Information
    • Taxation
    • And many more Important Chapters ...

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    Author Ankit Gala & Jitendra Gala
    Publisher Buzzingstock Publishing House
    Publication Year 2009
    Language English
    Binding Paperback
    Pages 176

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