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Guide to Intraday Trading by Ankit Gala & Jitendra Gala (English)


Guide to Indian Intraday Trading is an ideal book for all those who are wanto to make big money with small capital by doing Intraday Trading.

This Intraday Trading Book provides you ideal Intraday Trading Tips and Strategies, Rules of Intraday Trading, Technical Analysis and lots more.

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    • Introduction to Securities Market
    • Introduction to Day Trading
    • Qualities of A Successful Day Trader
    • Will Day Trading Suit Me?
    • Getting Started
    • Risk Control and Risk Management
    • Mind Games
    • Things to be Avoided
    • Strategies for Stock Selection
    • Global Markets Corelation
    • Sources of Information
    • Technical Analysis
    • Economy & Stock Market
    • Entry & Exit
    • Day Trading in Derivatives
    • Introduction to Online Terminals
    • Taxation
    • And many more Important Chapters ...

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    Author Ankit Gala & Jitendra Gala
    Publisher Buzzingstock Publishing House
    Publication Year 2008
    Language English
    Binding Paperback
    Pages 192

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